YummyG - Hypnotize

 If you haven't already you need to get to know about Yummy G

We were recently introduced to YummyG and we are really digging his style.

In fact we had to go and check his whole back catalog!

What came across our radar was his release Hypnotize

If you have not checked this out already you need to head over to Spotify and look for the song Hypnotize

You can also get straight there by following this link.  https://open.spotify.com/artist/78QUKsIo1Z3mLoYcng0GTt

He has a blend of rap with some smooth hooks that really make this track the full package. This track has some really awesome drum patterns that keep your head moving with some really cool synthesized sounds.

What are you waiting for? Get listening now!

Make sure you also follow on social media you can find Yummy G here:


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